The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)

Past Member of the Council of British Druid Orders (COBDO)

The Triad of ODI, co-ordinating our Order, consists of:

Michael McGrath, An Coibhi Drui, Archdruid, Hereditary Blood Druid of Ireland. Associate of COBDO.

Dr. James K. E. Dwyer MD, Order Chief, Archdruid of Connaught and the West, Killasser, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

The Archdruid of Dublin, Chief Brehon of Ireland, Harry O'Reilly, 10 Griffith Terrace, South Earl Street, The Liberties, Dublin 8. Chief of the Greater Dublin Grove of Druids.

Secretary (Runai) Elizabeth Drennan, Kilkenny City (Marble City Grove).

The ODI was founded in 1993 and led the return of the Irish Druids to Tara.

Failte roimh cach!

Archdruid Michael McGrath,
Hereditary Druid of Munster.

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October, 2007: The Battle to Save Tara is almost over
The M3 Motorway is now actively under construction in the Tara Valley, all recourse to the Courts, Authorities, Europe, etc, have failed, are failing or will fail.
Up against the Irish Government (Fianna Fail Party plus Green Party + P.D. Party) and the main Opposition Party, Fine Gael, in the Irish Parliament too - they are even more vocal than the Irish Government in pushing the M3 through Tara Valley, we have recourse to a new approach:
Demanding the screening of the motorway from the Hill with corridors of broadleaf trees, insisting on Gaelic signage, created by artists and made by crafts people, etc, in order to Keep Tara Beautiful, and in this we will have the support of the Pro-M3 commuter groups, representing 20,000 commuters daily in and out of Dublin through the Tara valley.
And yesterday we had another victory when Irish Minister of the Environment John Gormley T.D., Leader of the Irish Green Party, declared Rath Lugh, the ancient rath lying alongside the M3, to be subject to a Government Preservation Order.
This follows upon a Public Declaration by the Minister two weeks ago that no undesirable development will be allowed by the Irish Government in the Tara Valley following upon the construction of the M3 - this was a huge victory for all opponents of the motorway as presently routed.
We are now talking to politicians and seeking negotiations with the Government and All Authrorities involved to press the rest of our demands home and get them signed off.
Protesters remain active in the field at Tara, on the frontline, and as long as they can keep up the struggle, the more demands of ours the Government will have to accede to.
Now back to the fray, to try to save as much of the Tara Valley as we can.

Best Regards,

Michael McGrath

PS: All are welcome to participate in our new Save Tara Discussion Group, unmoderated, where all may say what they wish, in the interests of Free Speech.  Nobody shall be edited or deleted or chucked out, that is the Way of Tyrants, not the way of An Firinne, The Sacred truth, our way.
But let all be careful. Everything will be automatically archived so Posterity will one day be reading your words and judging by them - that is the Way of An Firinne, eternally.

An Firinne in aghaidh an Domhain - The Truth against the World - war cry of our ancient Druids.

Now see SAVE TARA, just launched:


Summer Solstice, 2007
Due to lashing rain, bad weather conditions, Irish Druids of the ODI, The Order of Druids in Ireland, will not attend Solstice festival on Tara on Thursday next.
Instead, Irish Druid Solstice celebrations have been transferred to Kilkenny City, centred around the shelter of Kilkenny Castle, to be held commencing at 2pm on Saturday next, 23rd June, 2007.
Le gach dea ghui (with every good wish)
Michael McGrath,
AD Ireland,
Chosen Chief ODI.

Midwinter, 2006
The Archdruid of Ireland, Michael McGrath, will lead the Druidic Observance of the Midwinter Solstice at Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) on the morning of December 21, 2006, during the Irish Government Honouring of Newgrange. He will be accompanied by Druids of the ODI, The Order of Druids in Ireland, founded since time immemorial. Irish Government Ministers and top members of the administration will be present. An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has attended in the past and, depending on his own calendar for Yule, may well be present to lead the State Honouring. Archdruid McGrath has the right, on behalf of all Irish Druids, past, present and to come, to lead the spiritual observance of the Midwinter Solstice, commencement of the Irish Druidic New Year.
All are welcome
Failte roimh cach!


New website and forum on the campaign against the planned
M3 motorway at this sacred site and seat of ancient Irish kings:
Open to all and sanctioned by the Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)
So just dive in, make statements, contribute, chat and enjoy!

Protest camp at the Hill - Irish Govt officials and Garda (police) visit camp
Reports, comments, colour photos:

Meeting of the Chiefs
of three Irish Druid Orders

here in Kilkenny City on Monday, July 10th
- the ODI, CDE and HOOD, that is, the Order of Druids in Ireland, Conradh Draoiacht na hEireann (the Confederation of Druids in Ireland) and the Hibernian Order of Druids, to cement Unity of all Irish Druids, under the Chairmanship and Direction of Archdruid Michael McGrath, Hereditary Druid of Munster.

Good Druids and Colleagues All,
It is my sad duty to inform you all, as Archdruid of Ireland, that the Battle to Save Tara is legally over.
The PPP Contract to construct the M3 Motorway through the Tara Valley has been signed between the National Roads Authority, Agency of the Irish Government on the one part, and Eurolink, the main contractors on the other.
Actual construction work may therefore legally proceed. Only another legal challenge to the High Court in Dublin could possibly delay/halt that motorway via Tara now, and nobody has come forth to issue such legal challenge.
I regret to be the bearer of bad tidings but that is my duty as Archdruid of Ireland, to tell the honest truth, however unpopular, to you all.
The Battle for Tara is over. However, and there is always an "however", I have plans for a Phase Two, which shall be outlined to the world under the Title and Organisation of "Keep Tara Beautiful" and those who wish to join this new crusade may email me personally for details.
I have waited for St. Patrick's Day to pass to bring these sad tidings. There are Druids and Friends on the Hill of Tara right now, still, after a successful festival and poetry readings throughout St. Patrick's Day, too, keeping the Old Spirit alive.
Among them is the Archdruid of Tara, Gina McGarry, among those conducting a sort of rearguard action to "Save Tara" but that campaign is history now, proud history, an Honourable Defeat when it took the Irish Government, the Main Opposition Party, Dail and Seanad, the Courts, the Garda (Irish Police)  and all the powers of the State to defeat us - That is how powerful Druidry may be once again in the Island of Ireland, ancient Home of the Druids, that is how proud we may be.
Druids of the Legion of the Rearguard, I salute you all.
May this honourable defeat against overwhelming odds, when the Catholic and Protestant Establishment Churches in Ireland stood aside in their shame and let Tara be desecrated, and left the field of battle to the Druids of Ireland against overwhelming odds, may this honourable defeat spur us on, as capable veterans now, to future victories.
Druids of Ireland, Druids of the World, you are all welcome to the Celebration of the Midsummer Solstice on the Hill of Tara on 21st June, 2007, for the entire week surrounding the Solstice, to come and enjoy yourselves in the new spirit of a massively resurgent Druidry in Ireland.
Sisters and Brothers All, we now retire from the Field.
The Good Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, Buiochas leis an Dea-Dhia,  be with you.
Ar aghaidh le Drui na h-Eireann, Ar Aghaidh le Drui an Diomhain!
Do Chara,
  Michael McGrath,
Archdruid of Ireland,
Coibhi Drui na h-|Eireann.